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Melvin Jones Fellowship Award

Melvin Jones Fellowship Award

The fellowship, which was created in 1973, takes its name from the founder of Lions Club International (LCI), Melvin Jones.  It is an honor – not an award.  The fellowship was established as LCIF’s highest form of recognition to acknowledge an individual’s dedication to humanitarian service.

When you meet Melvin Jones Fellows, you will notice that they are greatly concerned about the needs of humanity.  They are firmly committed to finding ways of improving the quality of life in their local communities and in the world community.


Melvin Jones Fellows

  • Patrons of humanity
  • Possessed of worldview
  • Performing deeds that outlast a lifetime
Melvin Jones Fellows include:
  • Tom H. Gann
  • Paul Mayberry
  • Mike Taylor
  • George Thannisch
  • Wyatt Leinart
  • Ralph Vallone
  • Gil Cox
  • William Shoop
  • Louis Bronaugh
  • John Taylor
  • Robert Poland
  • Don Lymbery III
  • John (Kip) Miller
  • James Harkness
  • Dubby Perry
  • Garland Picou
  • Mike Mathis
  • Jeff Harkness
Jeff Harkness
Jeff Harkness
Garland Picou
Garland Picou
Dubby Perry
Dubby Perry
Mike Mathis
Mike Mathis